Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue

This is a full body massage where the focus is more targeted on the deeper layers for the purpose of breaking up stubborn contracted muscles, where the softer Swedish massage style cannot reach. If you want us to get into embedded chronic or pulled muscle tension and deep-rooted knots, then Noel's deep tissue massage is the one for you. Deep, tightly bound muscle fibres and the surrounding areas are worked on to increase muscle flexibility and loosen chronic tension. The deep tissue massage alleviates the core of the problem, freeing trapped nerves, boosting oxygen flow back into the muscles, rejuvenating the circulation and assisting the body to realign itself, giving a sense of sheer freedom and pain relief as feelings of relaxation wash over you.




Firm pressure is applied by your therapist using his hands and elbows to focus on the specific areas with a combination of exerted force, kneading and holding sustained pressure for minutes at a time on the afflicted parts.




Going deeper does not mean applying strength or force. When a therapist tries to force a muscle or uses brute strength, a muscle usually responds with more resistance. The key to going deep is using relaxed movements - both for the therapist and the client, so please relax and know you are in experienced hands.



Never had a Deep Tissue massage before? Here's how it works.



The massage is divided into sections covering the major muscle groups. Your therapist will pour massage oil on his hands to warm it first and then apply it to your muscles. At some point, you will be asked to turn over and your therapist will help you do so, preserving your modesty by lifting the towels as a screen and replacing them over you once you are comfortably in position. Massage oil is applied for easy smooth movement over the skin.



Working on all the major muscle groups, starting with your back and the back of each leg, your therapist Noel will then ask you to turn over before he massages the front of each leg, both arms, hands and then your neck and shoulders. You can request more work on any area that is giving you trouble as well as requesting a lighter or heavier touch.


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Deep Tissue Massage prices


60 mins  £50

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