Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage 

Pre and Postnatal Massage


Pre natal massage is therapeutic bodywork used during pregnancy which focuses on the special needs and problem areas of the mother-to-be as her body goes through many changes. This is a full body massage which gives an opportunity muma to really relax. Usually given in a side lying position, depending on which trimester can also include semi reclining. Common pregnancy problems such as swollen feet and legs, sinusitis and headaches may be relieved without the use of medicine.



Who is it suitable for?



Massage is acceptable for all expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy, even from the first trimester. Many people believe massage can be dangerous during the first trimester but it is actually perfectly safe and highly unlikely that a miscarriage would occur due to massage. Many mothers receive massage while they are unaware they are pregnant and no harm comes to them or the pregnancy. It is a wonderfully comforting experience to be massaged by caring hands when you are in the early stages, especially if your pregnancy wasn't planned and has come as a bit of a shock which can be stressful.




Unless you are majorly high risk we are happy to invite you into our space and onto our table to give you some precious you time and support you on your journey to birth.



What is post natal massage?



Post-natal massage helps to relax and re balance the body after the major experience of childbirth. Again a window of relaxation for the mother, which is solely for her. We are also trained in C- section scar massage. With a doctors consent we are able to begin postnatal massage from 2-3 weeks post partum. We encourage mum to leave baby at home for her own benefit and relaxation, but if you can't be apart, baby is more than welcome to join us.



A few examples of the benefits of pregnancy and postnatal massage are:



• Encourages relaxation and reduces tension and anxiety

• It helps increase circulation and mobility eg calf cramps

• Reduces swellings and eases tense muscles

• Stress relief on weight bearing joints eg ankles, pelvis

• Neck and back pain relief

• Natural relief for headache and sinus congestion

• Supports mums body to be in better shape and have a smoother birth experience

• Helps realign body after birth

• Aids normalisation of body fluids post partum

• Can reduce scar tissue

• Gives mum a space to voice things she may not feel able to else where



Pre and postnatal massage prices


60 mins  £60

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