Life’s stresses and strains are smoothed away and replaced with an acute heightened sense of immense wellbeing and luxurious relaxation, which makes it perfect for anyone. Swedish massage is gently flowing with sweeping long strokes aided by soothing oils applied on the muscles and massaged on the path of the circulatory system. A wonderfully refreshing and relaxing massage, the light yet firm strokes of Swedish massage encourage the blood flow to absorb and carry increased oxygen and remove toxic waste products from the lymph system which increases your immune system.




Privacy and peace is paramount and Gulie or Noel will make you comfortable in the room before leaving it to allow you a few moments to undress and make yourself comfortable on the bed (underwear may be worn). There will be two large towels to cover yourself with while you wait for your therapist to re-enter the room.




The towels are draped and gently folded over in sections to expose only the area being massaged. This preserves privacy and allows the other body areas to remain warm and relaxed. Should you feel cold at any point, which can happen with deep relaxation, we will happily increase the room temperature to warm you up.




The massage is divided into sections covering the major muscle groups. Your therapist will pour massage oil on their hands to warm it first and then apply it to your muscles. You will be asked to turn over and your therapist will help you do so, preserving your modesty by lifting the towels as a screen and replacing them over you once you are comfortably in position.




Should you have a niggling problem area or prefer a lighter or heavier touch, the therapist will give them extra attention within our time frame and adjust the strength accordingly. We hope our experience shows but are ever humble and here to be of service to you, so please don't hesitate or feel shy to communicate with us if we haven't got the pressure or temperature quite right for your needs.


Swedish massage prices


60 mins  £50







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