Trauma Release Breathwork

Trauma Release Breathwork

Trauma Release Breathwork is a therapeutic approach that uses breath as a tool with the help of supporting elements such as movement, touch, sound, conscious emotional expression and meditation to support trauma release and healing on the somatic level.


Trauma Release Breathwork heals trauma by releasing core tension and supporting clients to complete arrested trauma-related Fight/Flight or dissociated responses. It has a potential to release the effects of long unresolved traumas, thus supporting general healing of our physical organism and psyche.


Breathwork can prevent the onset of debilitating and potentially life-threatening trauma-related diseases.


Many people cannot put their traumas into words, or even remember them enough to pinpoint exactly what happened, especially childhood traumas, or even the trauma of being birthed into the world which we have all experienced. This is why breathwork is so powerful, you are essentially trusting the intelligence of your own being to know what needs to be healed and using the breath, the essence of life to be its guide, without having to engage the drama of the mind or dig into painful memories.


During a session, you are asked to breathe deep continuously in and out for an hour without pause in between, known as circular breath. It can seem daunting and tiring but the rewards are plentiful and worth your efforts. Every session is different as is every person, so in any one session you may or may not feel tingling, some pain in the hands or elsewhere as the breath is working into releasing tight areas, you are likely to experience emotions and trembling and may feel the need to shout or punch or paddle the legs as if you were running. This is all very normal as the fascia releases the trauma it has held through life. Many also experience laughter and feelings of joy.


We welcome you to trust yourself as we give you a safe space to release and come back home to the joy of being in your body and having this human experience.


Breathwork treatment prices


90   mins...  £ 75

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